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4 Features To Make Sure Your Next Family Vehicle Has

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If you are looking to buy a used car for the purpose of transporting your entire family and their gear around, you are going to want to make sure that the vehicle you pick up is set-up for your family's needs.

1. Backup Camera

When you are transporting kids and are around children all the time, you are going to want to invest in a vehicle with a backup camera. A backup camera eliminates your blind spots and also makes sure that the area behind you is clear before you back up.

With many backup cameras, if there is something behind you that you could hit, your vehicle will not allow you to back up or will issue a warning to keep you safe.

A backup camera will ensure that you don't ever run over the bike that your kids left in the driveway or hit a living person or animal. It is a must-have safety feature if you have children.

2. Bluetooth

There are lots of ways to get distracted while driving, and the phone is one of the biggest distractions to come around. When you already have to deal with having your children in the car, you don't need another distraction.

If you need to use your phone, make sure that it is connected via Bluetooth to your vehicle. This will allow you to change the music and make phone calls, if necessary, while you are driving. Although it is always best to wait to make calls or answer texts until you are parked, Bluetooth connectivity in your vehicle will ensure that you are never looking distractedly at your phone.

3. Extra Seats

When you have kids, often you are not just hauling around your own kids, you are also hauling around your kid's friends as well. That is why you want a vehicle that fits more than just your immediate family. A vehicle that has an extra or optional row of seats is a great choice when you have a family. It can allow you to expand the capacity of your car when needed. That third row of seats can be really useful when you have a family.

4. Sunshades

Finally, look for a vehicle that has sunshades on the back windows. Keep in mind that your child is sitting at a different height in the car than you are. That lower height often means that the sun is hitting your kids right in the eyes when you are driving. This can be really annoying for your child. Make sure that the can be equipped with sunshades, or comes with built-in sunshades. That way, you can keep the sun out of your children's eyes when you are on the road.

When looking for a family car, think about the features that will make your car safe and useful for your family. A backup camera, extra seats, sunshades, and Bluetooth are all features that will make your vehicle safer and more functional for your family.