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Auto Dealers You Should Not Overlook When Looking For A Car

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When you are looking for a car, you know all about those huge dealerships and where they are located. You know about their existence and their deals from the tons of advertising they have whipped up. In fact, it is almost impossible to ignore these dealerships. However, you should not overlook other auto dealers, even by accident. The car you really want could be on a tiny lot, just waiting for you. Here are the car dealers that often go missed.

Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops often get into the business of fixing up cars and trucks and selling them on their lots. The really awesome part about buying such a car is that you know that these auto repair shops have already made the cars perfectly safe to drive, and completely functional. If something is wrong with the vehicle (which it rarely is) you can always bring your purchased auto back to these repair shops and they usually fix the problem right away. The only exception is if you have had the car or truck for several months or years before something goes amiss. 

Car Dealers That Cannot Afford Advertising

Car dealers that cannot afford advertising are tiny lots perched on the main roadways where they will be seen. They cannot afford all of the major advertising that the huge dealerships can because these smaller dealerships are barely staying afloat. Still, they always have lots of affordable vehicles at very nice prices. While you may not be able to take a drive around to find these smaller dealerships, they are out there, and they do try to put their inventory online for you to view. 


Charities that take auto donations and then use those donated vehicles as projects for troubled youth will resell what they fixed up. This is an excellent way to get a decent car, and support these programs in your community. You will have to contact the charities directly to see if they have any vehicles ready and for sale.

Quite often, they sell other types of vehicles too, such as boats or jet skis. They may post what they have available online, but usually interested parties buy up what the kids have fixed up before the photos and advertising for each vehicle can be posted on the charity's website. Ergo, be sure to call regularly to see what is available next, and how soon.