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Tires For Different Times

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It is important to remember that not all tires were created the same way, and not all tires are meant to be used for the same purpose. In fact, there is a great deal of engineering and technology that goes into making a tire for specific purposes. There are tires that are a "do it all" type of tire, but you may be getting a tire that is just alright in a few conditions, but not great at any of the conditions. This is why it is important to remember to get the tire that is right for the job. Here are a few different tires and some of the technology that goes into the tire to make it so useful:

Summer Tires

The tires that you will be driving most of the time in hot or temperate weather conditions are the "all purpose" type of tire. These tires are constructed with extremely hard rubber, but the rubber is engineered to get a little bit sticky when it warms up. The outer layer of rubber that is in contact with the road becomes a little bit sticky and increases the friction and traction between your tire and the road. This can give you a great deal more control over your vehicle. 

Winter Tires

If you are using a summer tire in the winter months, stop. It can be a really scary feeling hitting a patch of ice and going for a spin. There are so many good winter tires out there that will give you much more control over your vehicle in the snow and ice. The winter tires are created with much softer rubber, and often the rubber will be infused with micro-crystals on the outside. These micro-crystals help your tire catch an edge on any ice and give you the traction that you need when the roads are snowy or icy. 

Off-Road Tires

If you are going to be taking back roads or out digging in the mud with your vehicle, you want to be sure to put off-road tires on your vehicle. You will notice that that the tread on off road vehicles are super thick, deep, and wide. The tread is designed to grab the dirt or sand but also to allow the sand or dirt to be flung out of the tires. This allows the tread to stay clean and able to give you the most traction possible in unconsolidated muds and sands. 

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