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Selecting a Dump Trailer for Your Needs

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Trailers are extremely helpful in many situations, and dump trailers offer some unique benefits because they are easy to unload and can be extremely versatile. Finding dump trailers for sale can often take a little leg work, but when you find the right trailer for your needs, it can make many jobs easier for you.

Selecting a Trailer Size

One of the first things to consider when searching for dump trailers is the size. If you are looking for a trailer to use around your property and are only carrying small loads, a smaller trailer may be perfect. However, if you have a landscape business or are a contractor and need to haul larger quantities of material in the dump trailer, you may need to consider larger trailers.

When you are considering the trailer, you will also need to think about how you will pull the trailer. It is crucial that the dump trailer you select is not so large that you can not move it with your current truck. A contractor with a large one-ton truck will be able to deal with a larger trailer than you can pull with a half-ton pickup that you use to go to work and back, run errands, and work around your property. Make sure you take the truck into consideration when you are shopping for dump trailers.

Hitch Types

Your truck's hitch system is often the deciding factor for what hitch you need on your trailer. A truck with a fifth-wheel setup for pulling gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailers will allow you to use a much larger dump trailer than a truck equipped with a standard class three or four hitch. While you may want to consider upgrading the hitch for your truck, you still need to ensure that the truck can support the hitch system and trailer with the truck's current suspension. 

Electric Braking Systems

Another option you may want to consider is getting an electric brake system on the trailer. The systems are easy to add to your truck and can take a lot of stress off the truck when you are applying the brakes with a loaded trailer behind you. 

If the truck has to stop the truck, trailer, and load, it may struggle, but when the trailer has its own brakes, it can hold the trailer back and make it much easier to control the trailer and load, especially in emergency braking situations. Talk to the dealer about all the options you want to consider, and they can help you find the trailer for your needs.